Vladimir Ustinovskiy

 Ustinovskiy was born in the Caucasus in 1946. At the age of four he was honored with a Laureate Award at the Krasnodar Regional Competition. Thanks to the Head of the USSR Higher School Department, who was greatly impressed with the boys extraordinary abilities, Ustinovskiy started studying the violin at the School of Music attached to the Leningrad Music Conservatory..

Vladimir Ustinovskiy made his debut with the orchestra for the Musical Comedy Theatre. Then he became concertmaster of the Leningrad Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra.

In 1987 Ustinovskiy formed a unique music group that came to be known as Tsygansky Dvor. Tsygansky Dvor (meaning Gypsy yard) are one of the most renowned professional gypsy-music groups worldwide.

He has also composed

The Gypsy Band Opera based on the poem by Pushkin, which appeared to be the first Gypsy opera in the world. Vladimirs recital named Gypsy Rhapsody enjoys success in Germany, France, Finland, Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Japan, China and Singapore.

Commenting Vladimirs brilliant performance Scandinavian newspapermen called it Devil hidden in the fiddlestick


Dear Sirs!

St.Petersburg Concert Artists Union offers to your attention a brief summary regarding the art of St. Petersburg Ensemble The Gypsy Court founded in 1987. During twenty years the ensemble has been successfully touring giving performances in twenty countries all over the world.

Program: gypsy folk songs, camping-grounded, ceremonial, rousing dances performed by professional artists awards winners of national and foreign Awards. The repertoire of the art ensemble also includes the firs in the world Camping-grounded Opera: Libretto Dimitrin Y., Music Ustinovsky V.
Art Director: Violin playervirtuoso Vladimir Ustinovsky and the leading singer-vocalist Vavilova Anna were honored with the title Honored Artist of Russia in 1998.

The Ensemble performs regular concerts and tours in the best concert halls of Japan, China, Germany, Finland, France, USA etc.

2003 Ensemble was the only Cultural Program participant of the first official meeting of the Russian and American Presidents. The meeting took place in St. Petersburg.

2006 Ensemble participated in Cultural Program of Group of Eight Summit in St. Petersburg.

2007 Ensemble participated in Cultural Program of Summit participants; the Summit took place in Volzhsky Utyos town.

2007 Ensemble participated in International Olympic Committee presentation of Winter Olympic Games of 2012 in Sochi.
1995-2004 The Gypsy Court artists are distinguished guests of International Art Festivals in Cyprus, where the Ensemble performed a joint concert with a famous ensemble River-Dance; China Kun-Min city, France Paris, Lion; Finland - Helsinki, Oulu.

Ensemble participated in Art Project Europe Opera Stars in Karlsrue town, Germany. The Gypsy Court has constant art contact with a net of Hilton Hotels in Singapore, Malaysia and USA. In 2006 Ensemble gave a recital devoted to the opening of a regular Air-Line Moscow- Singapore. First persons - the heads of Russia, Kazakhstan Republic, USA, Germany, Japan, P.R.C., Finland, as well as Jose Carreras, Catherine Deneuve, Mireille Mathieu, Yves Saint-Laurent and other
well-know all over the world artists are among Ensembles prominent admirers and esteemers.
Looking forward to future art collaboration!

Art Director of The Gypsy Court Ensemble: Violin playervirtuoso Vladimir Ustinovsky, Honored Artist of Russia.